About Burmese

Burmese are a medium sized breed, surprisingly heavy for their size. They are agile and well muscled with a short, smooth glossy coat. Burmese come in a many colours; most frequently seen are seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, cream, red and tortoiseshell. They are very affectionate and delight in company and attention. Very intelligent and social they are very good with children; but, if frequently left home alone for long periods may decide to move in with the neighbours in search of company. For this reason it is better to have a companion cat or kitten if you are working full time.

Burmese are very inventive and mischievous and will play for as many hours as you have to spare, but they love to curl up with you for a quiet cuddle and to confirm that you really are just their favourite person. Many burmese kittens go home with their new owners to sleep in a nice new kitten bed or igloo: however, when I phone to check that all is well a high proportion have moved into their owner's bed within a day or two. The moral of this is to decide beforehand if you are prepared to share your bed and act accordingly.

Chocolate and Lilac burmese

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